Simonton Peloton

This past year Simonton employees participated in its 3rd Pelotonia event. Pelotonia is a Columbus, OH based cycling event where all proceeds support cancer research, drawing more than 7200 riders.

21 riders, 3 virtual rider and 3 volunteers made up the 2014 Simonton Peloton.

End of Ride

“Team Simonton raised $14,965 for Pelotonia in 2013,” says Danielle Cisler, strategic pricing manager at Simonton Windows and captain of Team Simonton. “Our goal for 2014 was to raise at least $25,000 with the support of our family, friends and business associates.”

Simonton not only met its goal, but exceeded it significantly raising a total of $44,007.82.

Chute at Pelotonia

Join us in congratulating our team on its great success!