It’s hard to believe it’s almost 2016, but a new year means new resolutions to make. Whether you kept your resolution from last year or not, creating a new resolution will help to set goals for 2016. If you’re struggling to come up with your resolution, check out these New Year’s resolution ideas below.

  1. Create a healthier lifestyle

new year's resolution ideas

Attempting to lose weight is a common resolution. But, committing to make healthier choices in 2016 is a much more manageable goal. Try incorporating more vegetables into your cooking, taking more steps every day and drinking more water instead of sugary drinks.

  1. Reconnect with friends and family

With modern technology and social media playing major roles in society, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with people. Make sure to create in-person plans too.

  1. Reduce stress in your life

new year's resolution ideas

If you had a stressful 2015, make this year easier on yourself by taking steps to cut stress out. Try getting more sleep each night, taking a yoga class or exercising to reduce stress this year.

  1. Save money

After spending on holiday shopping, now is the perfect time to start saving money. Need help making a budget? Apps like Mint and Checkbook make it easy to create budgets for yourself and track your spending.

  1. Volunteer in your community

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This is a resolution that can also benefit others. Get involved in your community and local organizations with causes you’re passionate about in 2016.