This year is a very exciting year for Star Wars fans! On December 18, Episode VII, The Force Awakens, will be released in theaters nationwide. This made us wonder…what kind of windows would our Star Wars heroes, and villains, prefer?

Stormtrooper StormBreaker

Stormtrooper? Stormbreaker Plus Windows!

We know Stormtroopers are back with a vengeance in Episode VII. But when they’re not fighting for the evil Empire, how do they relax? Great question! Our guess would be that they like to chill at home with StormBreaker Plus Windows. Simonton’s StormBreaker Plus windows feature double-strength, laminated glass that can withstand high winds and flying debris without the need for shutters.

StormBreaker Plus windows are available in a complete line of styles, along with coordinating patio and garden doors. Stormtroopers love to have parties on the patio. Work hard, play hard…right?



Padmé Amidala? Definitely Decorum

Her Excellency, Senator Padmé Amidala, definitely rocked some excellent style. Without a doubt, she would have embraced our Decorum line. Decorum options allow you to create an exclusive look for your home. Choose from exterior colors like cream, brick, pine, chocolate, bronze or tan. Interior colors include antique cherry, maple or contemporary oak. Matching hardware complete the look.

No doubt this beautiful look would have fit in perfectly on Senator Amadala’s home planet of Naboo.



Luke Skywalker? ProSolar Shade Please!




The planet had two suns for crying out loud! Tatooine was far from forgiving. With its hot, desert clime and gusty winds, even the lumbering banthas looked miserable. That’s why Luke would have embraced our ProSolar Shade. This glass blocks damaging UV rays, providing amazing solar heat control.

ProSolar Shade Simonton Windows

ProSolar Shade Simonton Windows

We hope everyone has an epic day. And May the 4th be with you!