Fall Window Decorations that Add Curb Appeal

Now that it’s officially fall, there’s no reason not to begin decorating! While there’s plenty of fall decorations for the inside of your home, it’s key not to forget about the outside. Decorating your porch or entryway with pumpkins and other seasonal items is a great way to bring the festivities to the exterior of your home. Adding fall window decorations will take your home’s curb appeal to the next level and is a creative way to decorate for the season.

Top 3 fall window decorations that boost curb appeal.

1. Chrysanthemums are the perfect addition to any fall window box.

Fall window decorations are a great way to boost curb appeal.

Chrysanthemums, shortened to mums, are the perfect flower to decorate for fall. With shades of orange, yellow and red, mums are the ideal fall window decorations because of their warm colors and low maintenance. For more depth, add other plants suited for the cooler temperatures like kale and pansies.

2. Add pumpkins to your window box for a festive look.

Add pumpkins to your window box for more fall flair.

Nothing says fall more than pumpkins. This is the perfect fall window decoration to display your pumpkins in a unique way. Adding gourds or fall plants will complete this window box look!

3. Adding fall leaves to your display is an easy way to boost your fall curb appeal.

Adding fall leaves to your display is an easy way to boost your fall curb appeal.

Take advantage of the fall foliage and dress up your windows with this fun window display. Whether you use a window box or a shelf, this is a simple DIY to instantly get your home’s curb appeal ready for fall. Try using apples or other seasonal items to take this look up a notch.

Your home’s exterior will be festive for fall with any of these fall window decorations. Are you looking for more fall decoration ideas? Check out 7 DIY Fall Decorations You Can’t Live Without.

Images via thepioneerwoman.comcrispautumn-air.tumblr.comthewoodedglen.net and bhg.com.