When it comes time to update your home, replacement vinyl windows and doors are an excellent choice! 

Year after year, vinyl replacement windows are one of the top ten projects in REMODELING Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report. And that hasn’t changed. The 2015 report places the average cost to replace 10 vinyl windows, in a mid-range home, at around $11,198, which will add $8,163 to the home’s value. That’s a 73% return on investment!

Now that’s just an average. So to help you estimate, let’s take a look at the top features that could influence the final cost of replacement windows and doors.

Energy Efficiency

By far, energy efficiency is the most important quality homeowners are looking for today. There are many glass options including Low E glass, gas fills and spacer systems that make a window energy efficient. Look for ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors. They are designed to deliver maximum results for wherever you live. Although glass options may add to the cost of windows, you’ll appreciate the lower heating and cooling bills and year round comfort they help provide.



Different Types of Windows

When selecting windows and doors for your home, style, size and function can affect the cost. The following are few styles with extra benefits that may justify paying more.

  • Casement windows are the most energy efficient operable window. They offer a larger viewing area and are also easier to open and close for those who aren’t able to lift or slide a sash.
  • Geometric styles add curb appeal and unique style to your home.
  • Bay and bow windows add extra space and seating to a room and unique dimension to a home’s exterior.
  • Patio doors provide a wide open view and easy access to your outdoor living space.



Grids, Color and Hardware

Adding style to your home with grids, color and hardware will add to the budget, but enhancing your home’s unique style is well worth it. Increase curb appeal and be the envy of the neighborhood with exterior colors. Interior colors and woodgrains add warmth and character to a home, while window hardware in distinct metal finishes can coordinate with drawer pulls, faucets, and lighting for a cohesive look.



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