Window Blinds Match-Up: Faux Wood vs. Real Wood

Many homeowners choose wood blinds for window treatments because of their sophisticated look and functionality. Faux wood and real wood blinds are sleek, stylish and practical, and both have been shown to deliver outstanding value, including aiding in temperature control… Continue Reading →

How to Fix a Gap in a Patio Door

How to fix a gap in a patio door in just three minutes. Do you have a gap in a patio door? Or is your patio door hard to close? You may just need to adjust your patio door rollers, which… Continue Reading →

How to Easily Fix Your Patio Door Blinds

Do you have blinds between the glass of your patio door? Are your patio door blinds not working properly? Fixing your patio door blinds is easier than you would think. If you have 30 seconds to spare, Theresa, from My Fix… Continue Reading →

Repurpose Old Windows With These 3 Easy DIYs

Old windows in your home can create elevated energy costs and extensive maintenance. But once they’ve been replaced with new windows, they can still serve a purpose in your home. From wall art to picture frames, repurposing old windows can… Continue Reading →

Get Into the Swing with a Hinged Patio Door

A hinged patio door goes by many names including garden door, French door, and swinging patio door. Although they have different names the one thing they have in common is they swing open and close. These doors provide a beautiful… Continue Reading →

Introducing Simonton’s PetView Windows

Introducing our newest product: Simonton’s PetView® Windows! They’re always there when you need them. Return the favor with Simonton’s PetView® Windows. Exclusively designed with your furry friend in mind, these windows are low to the ground, so your pet can… Continue Reading →

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