Winter Window Checklist

Before temperatures drop and you see the first snowfall, make it a priority to give your windows a thorough examination. Why? Because a home’s windows are one of the chief ways that heat can be lost during blustery winter months, resulting in higher energy bills. To help with your inspection, follow these tips:

  • Check every window and door to make sure there is adequate weatherstripping and caulking which will ensure a secure seal around the openings in your home.
  • Seal up any little cracks or gaps where air can leak into your home. Many experts believe the average home has enough of these small holes to equal one three-foot by three-foot opening.
  • If you have storm windows, put them on early in the autumn weather to help save on your home’s energy bills.
  • Make sure to lock all the hardware on your windows. This creates a strong seal that prevents cold air from coming into the home. Even when closed, an unlocked window can still allow air to escape.
  • Examine your windows. Make sure they’re doing their part to help insulate your home. Check for hot and cold spots or drafty areas inside your home near windows, which can indicate energy loss.