Hurricane Preparation Tips

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  • If a hurricane is forecast for your area, secure all loose outdoor objects. If left out, these can become flying missiles when hurricane winds intensify.

  • Make sure children know how and when to call 911 for emergency assistance.

  • Check your insurance for flood damage coverage. Many homeowners do not have flood insurance as standard part of their insurance package. Yet, storm surge and flooding is a tremendous threat in hurricane-prone areas.

  • Have a battery-powered NOAA weather radio and a flashlight available in your home and office.

  • Have several days' supply of drinking water on hand.

  • Be sure to have an adequate supply of special medicines and prescription drugs you may need.

  • Cash can be extremely helpful if you’re evacuating because many power-operated credit machines will not work. Plan to have sufficient cash on hand in case of an evacuation.

  • During an evacuation, emotions can run high. Reduce the stress by pre-assigning different people to take different items from the home when evacuating.

  • Have essential documents on hand in a watertight container, including birth certificates, passports, insurance policies, checkbooks and medical records.

  • If you have pets, take special precautions to assure their safety in case of a hurricane. If evacuating, remember to bring food, water and any other essential items for your pet.

  • Be ready for “After the Storm” by stocking up on essentials that will help put your home and yard back together. Include tarps, duct tape, heavy work gloves, gas cans, shovels, and rakes.